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Website Designing Software


Website Designing Software used to only need to be basically a fancy word processor program that wrapped everything up in HTML and made a package of files able to be served on a web host. These days with the massive amount of websites online the ultimate website designing software needs to have Search Engine Optimization at it’s heart. Building a site that won’t rank high with the search engines is throwing your effort away for nothing.

While we all start off finding some little free website designing package, we all learn soon enough why a little money put into a professional website design program repays itself a thousand fold.

I have used all the usual programs such as Dreamweaver, Frontpage, Visual studio and so forth, but only one web designer has consistently resulted in my websites ranking high in the search engines.

This is because it has all the usual features such as a wysiwyg editor, direct upload and good content management as do all the other “Real” website designing software packages, but with invaluable extras.

I have picked out only a few of the main unique features and commented on them below, but there is much more within this program that is just as awe inspiring.

Search Engine Sitemaps – Automatic xml sitemap generator. Totally customizable with the ability to create a HTML sitemap as well. Totally compliant for Google. Saves you using an external sitemap generator and updates automatically if you are editing your website. Does it work? Absolutely, I use it myself with no errors upon Google sitemap validation. 10 out of 10.

Pop-Up Generator – If you want to get a lead on entry, exit, or whatever time delay you set, there is a so easy to use pop up generator available. Fly in, pop over, pop under, delayed pop it’s all there. Great for list building or reminders.

Redirect Pages – If you are an affiliate marketer and want to cloak your links the redirect option is invaluable. Create instant redirects or delay them.

Global Scripts – The ability to add a constant script like Statcounter or Google analytics on each page by only adding the code once is an absolute time saver. You can elect to add code before headers, after headers, before end body tags and all different types. Very useful.

Mobile Site Wizard– Now this is way cool. The trend is all about mobile internet. Want to have your site converted and able to be previewed in say a blackberry. Couple of clicks and it’s all done. Can I go 20 out of 10 on this one?

Multi Page Creation – For anyone taking notice you would understand that static HTML pages are always better spider bait than dynamic ones. The problem has often been the time taken to create these masses of pages. Not any more. The effect of the multi page creator is almost like running PHP client side and collecting the html pages to upload. Insert whatever tokens you want and get unique content on each page. Very powerful and only limited by your imagination.

Siloing – The latest inter page linking structure to rank as high as possible for page rank. Very advanced and worth it’s weight in gold. Don’t know any other web designing software that even comes close on this one. Page rank and link strength is king in the search engine world and this helps immensely.

Page Analysis – The best for last. Design your page and keyword it etc etc. Is it as powerful as it could be? Run the page analyser and it will report back to you whether the pages are optimized to be found. If not you will be shown how you should change them. This is like having an expert SEO analyst sitting on your shoulder making sure you have the best site possible. I find this the absolute best feature of the website designing software for myself.

FTP Uploading – All your effort is in vain if you cannot upload. The powerful ftp features enable you to control your uploads in so many ways. Schedule when different pages upload. Never seen that before. Google loves fresh content. Use this to drop in a new page twice a month that you have prepared a year ago. Very clever.

There is an extended review available at Website Designing Software [] where you can also access the Free Features ebook, Video explanations and user testimonials to help you make a well informed website designing software choice. I certainly will never use any another website maker again. Why would I when it has achieved for me the holy grail of seeing my sites on page one of Google?

Website Designing Software to Build Your Own Website

The internet has really grown over the past five years and it seems that every Tom, Dick and Harry have a website or a blog. But since when did everyone suddenly know how to use the internet, build a website, learn HTML and know how to register domain names? Surely they must have been to special IT classes or gone to university to study computing. Well, no they didn’t. Designing and building a website is actually so simple that most people can do it.

There are three steps to designing and launching a website onto the world wide web; buying a domain name, paying for hosting, and using website designing software to actually create the web pages.

Domain Names
The domain name is the web address that you type into your browser, for example, www. domainname. co. uk This can be just about anything and you should choose yours in relation to the function that your website is to carry out. If it will be a personal blog then it could be your name or an alias. If you are using the site for your business then it could be the company name or something to do with the services you offer or products you sell. You can buy a domain name for as little as a couple of pounds every year.

So that the files and information that your website has on it can be displayed, you have to pay for hosting which will then translate your web code into readable and viewable words and images. This may sound complicated but once you have done a little research on building a website it will become clearer. Again, hosting can be bought over the internet and is available for under £5 every year.

Website Designing Software
There are many website designing software packages available and normally you will download them straight onto your computer as opposed to buying a physical object. These packages will allow you to design anything from a simple one-page website to a more complex multi-page site that allows users to interact. You can design and ecommerce store so that you are able to sell products although this will require more software such as site security and once you get into this it helps if you are an expert. Two of the most easy to use website designing packages are Dreamweaver and Xsitepro.

These three steps will put you on course to designing and launching your own website. Remember, the internet is a powerful thing and as such you should treat it wisely. Do not upload offensive material or do anything illegal with your website. Google is very quick to ban any websites from its index that are found to break the internet code of conduct.

Now get started with designing your website and have fun kneeing that people from around the world are now able to see your creation.

Website Design Software Does Not Have to Be Expensive

Website design software does not have to cost you a fortune, some companies even offer the software for free. The free software may not have as many layouts or photos to choose from, but when starting a small business it may be the best way to go. It is possible to do most everything you may want to do with software that you purchase.

What you need to remember is when you purchase software to design a website you do not get web hosting with that. To have your website online you will need to find a place to host your site. This can also cost money if you desire a personal domain name.

There are companies that offer both the software and the internet hosting for free. You will have the companies name at the end of your website address, and you will not be able to enter any of your own code but it is a great way to start out with your first site.

With a free web hosting company you are able to start a small business with the different layouts that they will provide for you. It is rather simple to start, you chose a different layout and enter in your articles or sales information. You can also place links to other places on the internet for marketing.

Companies that sell software to design a website can charge anywhere from under twenty dollars to over one thousand dollars. You do receive support from the company along with the software and you are able to enter your own code. When you want a product that is higher end, than this type of software would be for you.

Keep in mind when you are looking to design a website it all starts with one idea. Supposing that you already have a product that you want to sell, you may prefer to begin with the free software and hosting, and if you want to move up, you can at anytime. Other website design software will come with better support and more features, so do some checking before you make a final decision.

Choosing the Right Website Design

You can design your very own website with you are willing to put forth some effort, as it will take some work to accomplish this idea. Should you not have the skills to do this, there are several types of website design software that can help you design your own website.

Fortunately, for those who want to try and create your own website will be happy to know that there are some software for this project that are good and will not cost you too much money. And one of the nice things about these programs are that many of them are free to try long before purchasing them.

There are several ones which will cost you but at the same time there are several that will not be too costly. Considering that there are some programs that ask for way to much from you making this a good choice to take as it is a wonderful name for website design software.

Because some website design can cost you some money there are still several that are available to you for free. And with all of the free website designing software that is now available and should you be a beginner then you may want to consider staying away from the ones that will charge you.

As long as you will be able to understand or at least learn the basic computer commands can take your time when choosing the colors, templates, and the fonts then you should have no problem designing your own website.

Anyways just about all the free programs will provide the interactive tutorial which will allow you to see how the software will work so then you will be able to create your own site without much difficulty.

Whenever you choose to create your own website and do not want to spend a fortune it is recommended that you use a website design software that is easy and simple to use and not too costly, especially if you are just new to this idea.